At Pro Vision we offer more than just window cleaning:


When the beautiful weather arrives you want to enjoy your conservatory in its best light. We give the glass a deep clean, making your roof sparkle and let in more light as we remove mildew, mould, drip marks and bird droppings from your conservatory.


All white UPVC is brought back to life with our environmentally friendly chemicals, leaving the conservatory looking brand new again! Using the latest in pure water cleaning technology we are able to give even the dirtiest conservatories a new face lift.

Internal Cleaning

We are more than happy to clean the inside of your windows as we are to clean the outside windows. We use the same pure water technology with special microfibre cleaning pads to give the same streak free shine that you would get on the outside. Having both exterior and interior windows cleaned at the same time can make a huge visual impact on your home.

Gutter Cleaning

As Autumn and Winter approach you often find your gutters can become clogged up full of debris, leafs or moss that has been washed into the gutters from the roof after all the heavy rain. When the gutters are full, you get an overflow of water which can splash down onto your windows leaving dirty spots everywhere. At Pro Vision we use a gutter vacuum to suck out all the debris to leave them clear and working properly. We always fully inspect the gutters once finished, making sure nothing has been left behind.

Fascias, Soffits and Gutters

Over time your fascias and soffits can become dirty, giving a bad visual impression on your home. We offer a full F,S,G clean which smartens up the appearance of the house, giving that brand new effect. For this we use our water fed pole system and special environmentally friendly chemicals.

Pressure Washing

If you have an outdoors area that is looking very tired and the colour has faded into dirt, a good solution to clean this up is to use a pressure washer. We use pressure washers on driveways, paths, paving and even decking. If areas need re-pointing afterwards we are always happy to come back and do this as part of the service.